For 9 whole days we had Cina visiting us. It was 9 days that went much too fast. We missed some things that are essential to have done and I hope Cina can forgive me for that. We missed fresh springrolls for exampel. Big misstake. Sorry Cina.

Instead we got to see a lot of museums. The Women museum, Prison Museum, Etnographic museum, the Temple of Litterature, Hoan Kiem pagoda and a great tour in the old town with a great guide. Other than that we spend a lot of time walking in old town and the alleys. We also visited the Dong Xuan market in old town which was a nice surprise. Fabrics and clothes as far as you can see. The food department was very interesting. We could not tell what half of the selection was.

It was a bit sad that we could not se the inside of the Opera house. It is a very nice building and it would have been nice for Cina to have seen it from the inside. Maybe next time, Cina.

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Cina in front of the Operahouse.
In the alleys of Doi Can.
The beach in Hoi An.
9/8/2012 02:12:38 am

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