For a couple of days we have had a little boy who have done his homework without us nagging to get him to do it. He has done it so well that we asked him to stop. Actually, we have been nagging at him to stop, or at least go up to his room and shut the door when doing the homework.

Is this a bad thing, you may wonder? If you ask me, yes. When it comes to practicing the recorder it can just be to much to cope with. When you have had a recorder approximately 2 meters from your ears for 1 hour playing "When the saints" (not allways correct) it can eventually become too much. Please do not tell Ruben I wrote this...

By the way, is´nt he cute. I have probably been anoying Ruben (revenge) as much as he annoyed me with his recorder. I´m practicing to take photos with my new toy. A speedlight flash and a homemade beauty dish. So much fun. What do you think of the result to the left?

This Saturday Ruben and his new friends at Saturday basketball at UNIS played a game against a team from another school (nobody told me which school). The kids performed so good and they won by 9 to 2 points. I think Rubens contribution was 4 points. Given this was his first basketball game ever he did really good. I´m so proud of him.

I took a whole bunch of pictures and on the link "Read more" you can find them.

Finaly! The boys got into Saturday Soccer and Saturday Basketball at UNIS. It´s a great programme with parents training the children. It´s open for the entire community in Ha Noi so it´s just not for UNIS attending children and parents.

During the day it´s not only the kids that is training. Adults have bootcamp training or other physical exercises at campus. Kids and adults from UNIS school are also selling hot dogs, snacks and drinks.

See more pics by clicking the link "read more" to the right.

We, as a family, have decided that on Sundays we will visit parks in Ha Noi area. It seems like a nice way to explore the city with the kids. This Sunday we went to Thống Nhất Park, commonly known as "Lenin Park". If you google Lenin Park you will get info about another park just opposit the Military History Museum. I dont know why everybody call Thống Nhất Park for Lenin Park. Maybe the statue of Lenin was in Thống Nhất Park earlier and then moved to the current Lenin Park.

Read more click on the "read more" link to the right.

During the last couple of weeks I have attended a photography course in Sweden. It´s an internet course. All lessons is performed with video´s and written material. It´s a great way to learn in your own pace. For some reason I did a 4 weeks course in 3. Do I have to much spare time?

I had a lot of fun when I learned how the camera works and how to make the best composition. I have allready signed up for the next course. Ha Noi is the best place to get inspired.
Westlake in the evening. My assignment was to take a picture of a sunset. This time of year Ha Noi seems to be out of sunsets. I tried to capture the mist/smog instead.
Me taking care of the bananas
For the first time ever we have harvested bananas. They grow at the back of our house and they not only create a pleasant environment to be in, they also provide food. I like that. They were sweet an very nice. A bit harsh maybe. It´s to much bananas for us to handle so I will give some to our neigbours.

When we were taking them down Carol kept saying "watch out for stains". I did not realize what she meant untill I saw my hands after handling the bananas. They were black and sticky. My hands, that is. It did not go away even after washing them for 15 minutes. 24 hours later I can still see some stains on my hands.

Today I will try to persuade the boys to have bananapancake for lunch. They are at home with me. This weekend Ruben had a fever and Ossi had an upset stomach. They are better now and will probably go to school tomorrow. Maybe with a banana or two in their snackbox.