Jonathans VIP card.
Today me, Jonathan, David and Johan went to Fox Club. If you have a vivid imagination you are probably thinking that this is not a good place for married man to be (see Jonathans VIP card). But it is. If you like to play pool, that is.

As usual we stand no chance against David. He´s just to good. If the other guys shape up a little they give David a challange, but I´m not even close. I suck at pool. But I have a great time with the boys so I do´nt mind at all. We ended our little outing with the best Bun Cha ever.

I took some pictures while we played. Click the link "read more" down below to see them.

Today when I got home Bonzan was not at home. Nadja our neighbor came by and told me they borrowed her and she was playing at the tennis court with Filippa´s dog Bong. A 3,5 months puppy. I joined them and it was really great to see them play.

After the tennis court we went to our porch and had a cup of coffee. They dogs where very tired but after a while they started playing again. Bonzan was hard to capture with the camera. She is so quick when she´s running around playing. Bong on the other hand was a better target to shoot with the camera. See pictures on the link "read more" down below.

Monika eating Nem.
We had two lovely guests visiting us for over 2 weeks. Monica (friends daughter) has been working in New Zealand and stopped by on the way home to Sweden. Her Friend Sabina met up with her and they did Ha Noi and surrounding together.

They mostly made it by themselves but I managed to join them on different occasions, like Temple of literature.

It was very nice to have company and they where the nicest guests ever. They liked everything we put on the table and we are not used to that in this house, Ossi (and Carol) being the way he is with food. We did´nt even need to clear the table, Monica and Sabina just took control over the dirty dishes (good for them we have a dishwasher).

They continued their tour and left by train to Beijing and after that they went to Singapore.

I took some pictures when we did outings in Ha Noi. Click on the link "read more" to view.

I´m sooo sorry for being sooooo lazy. It´s about time to update you on what´s been going on over here in Viet Nam.

When the kids back home had autumn holiday, Edman family came and visited us. Ruben was so thrilled to meet his friend Linus. We had one week together and the rest of the trip Edmans was in Phu Quoc.

Except the outings in Ha Noi we went to Ninh Binh, 120 km south of Ha Noi. It´s also called Ha Long bay on land. Mountain peaks rising straight up to the sky, like dragon teeth. After a short bicycle ride we went on a small boat along a river (more of a newly dug big ditch actually) to a cave that went straight through one of the "dragon teeth". The cave was very narrow and it was fun but I could do without the long boat trip before arriving there. If it was´nt for the scenery the boat trip would have been a real pain.

On the trip to Ninh Binh we also visited the Temple of Dinh Emperor. Situated just in front of one of the peaks. We only stayed for maybe 30 minutes and we did´nt get much of what the guide said. But it was beautiful.

Like everybody else visiting Ha Noi Edmans shopped a lot. That´s what most people do in Ha Noi. It was nice to have friends visiting and I hope more will come before we head back home for good.

As usual I took a lot of pictures. Just click on the link "read more" to the right and you can view them.