Since we got here I have wanted to buy a "motobike". It´s by far the best way to get around in Ha Noi and the countryside. Why have´nt I got I motobike then, you might wonder. Well, because of Carol´s job we must follow the vietnamese legislations. And the legislations says that foreigners must have a vietnamese driving license. Maybe it was a bit exaggerated. You should follow the rules of society no matter where you are. But what seems to be in Vietnam is that everyone is driving without a license, even some Vietnamese people. As an employee at a embassy and accompanying spouce it is a bit different. We represent Sweden and it´s not good if we not comply with the country's legislations. (And I also think it is a good idea to comply with the legislations when it comes to insurence. If something happens and you have ignored the legistlations your insurence is not valid).

Again, you might wonder, why I do not have got a driving licence yet. I sort of lost my good mood and it is because of changed rules at the embassy. In the middle of the procedure they stopped to help us getting the license. Therefore I got stuck with a list of things to do in order to get the license. I have finally got my, as we say in Sweden "arse out of the wheelbarrow" and tomorrow I will get the official translations of our passports.

The final step to get the license is a testdrive. I have heard a lot of this testdrive. It should not be a problem for me. The test is to go slalom between cones and at the end you have to drive over a bump. I think I will pass with flying colour. But nevertheless, keep  your fingers crossed for me, will you!
My new motobike!
For 9 whole days we had Cina visiting us. It was 9 days that went much too fast. We missed some things that are essential to have done and I hope Cina can forgive me for that. We missed fresh springrolls for exampel. Big misstake. Sorry Cina.

Instead we got to see a lot of museums. The Women museum, Prison Museum, Etnographic museum, the Temple of Litterature, Hoan Kiem pagoda and a great tour in the old town with a great guide. Other than that we spend a lot of time walking in old town and the alleys. We also visited the Dong Xuan market in old town which was a nice surprise. Fabrics and clothes as far as you can see. The food department was very interesting. We could not tell what half of the selection was.

It was a bit sad that we could not se the inside of the Opera house. It is a very nice building and it would have been nice for Cina to have seen it from the inside. Maybe next time, Cina.

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We have had a visitor from Sweden. Cina Östman was here for 9 days and we had a lovely time together. I was her tour guide in Ha Noi and we got to see a lot of things. The whole family and Cina also took a extended weekend trip to Hoi An. It was a very pleasent surprise. Hoi An is, so far, the best place I´ve visited in Viet Nam. I will definitely go back. I want to explore the ancient city more. It was not easy to do when the kids was nagging about going back to the pool all the time.

Our stay was very relaxed and it was a lot of pool time for the kids. They really love to swim, dive and jump into the water. Unfortunately, for me the relaxing part was manifested in two extra kilograms around my waist.

We did also go to My Son. The boys was thrilled to see the ruins of the temples. It´s like an Indiana Jones movie.

I will defenitely go back to Hoi An.

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