Last Friday Carol had the day of and the boys was in school. We (and Bonzan) took the opportunity to walk by the Red River on the island "under" Long Bien bridge. This is not what we usually do because the boys is not interested to explore Ha Noi the way we do.

It was nice to see all this greenery And this is only 5 minutes walk from populated area in Ha Noi. Nice.
Boys were off school for 2 days and we had a lovely extended weekend in Hoi An. This time we also stayed at a hotel at the beach. Unfortunately the beach had been washed away in front of the hotel. But we went to An Bang beach instead and it was lovely. We went with Clarissa and her daughter Cassandra and also a friend of Clarissa, Susanne. We had a great time in Hoi An exploring different tailors and restaurants in the old quarters.

For a change we will probably stay in town next time. If the hotel has a pool that is. The boys will refuse if there is no pool. Spoiled brats....

I also attended a early morning photo tour. It was fun. We went by boat to the other side of the river to a fishing village. We spent most of the time taking pics of the women buying fish and other sea creature´s from the fishermen when they brought in their catch. Then we went to a small fish sauce production plant to practice low light photography.

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Late update..... When our boys had autumn brake we went to Thailand with the new family next door (Maria and her 3 sons). We stayed in Ao Nang and Centara resort. Last time we stayed at Centara we had a great time and the resort was really good. This time it was almost as good as last time. It had been worn down a little - and they had NO FRESH MANGO at breakfast. I missed my mango the whole week.

The boys, Ruben, Ossian, Axel, Hjalmar and Erik had a great time in the nice pool. We went cajaking to Railay beach one day and as always this Thailand trip involved a longtail boat to Chicken island. We snorkeled the whole day. It was lovely. Only we on a paradise beach. We brought pick nick baskets for lunch from the hotel. Expensive but very nice.

We will have a hard time in the future when we want to go on holiday´s. Because Ossian and Ruben are now so used to stay at fancy hotel´s that they will not like more "basic" standard hotel´s.

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Today Ossian our youngest son went to the hairdresser and cut his hair off. First time ever at a hairdresser. Earlier I have cut his hair with the machine but for a couple of years ha has´nt cut his hair at all. Carol has, after nagging a lot, cut the tips of his hair a couple of times. You can imagine how big this was for Ossian. See the before and after down below.

That a haircut can make such a difference is amazing. He looks both taller and older.

Yesterday at a Birthday party for Celeste. Pirate party.