In Việt Nam you use what you have. If you only have a motobike, you use the motobike (thats how you say it in Việt Nam) to everything that goes, like getting your entire family from A to B. And then we have the not so good way of carry stuff. I got my new 40" LED TV delivered to our house on a motobike. I do not understand that they dare. Yesterday I spent the afternoon walking down the road towards UNIS (our boys school) and during this 30 minutes walk I took some pictures of the vietnamese way of carry stuff.
If you look closely you can find me on the picture.

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This weekend it was Halloweenparty at the Swedish camp. It was about 30+ kids with parents who had a great time. Aimee and Malin at the camp had done a great job organizing food, drinks, cake, baloon-man, playdoo-man and of course trick or treat for the kids. The boys had done a great job with their costumes.
Just outside Hanoi there is an entire village with potterys. We went there with Caroline this morning and strolled the market. The kids was not emused and they ended up painting a porclein figure each. It took them almost one hour. The adults took turns watching the pots and vases. Its worth a trip if you want to buy cheap pottery.
Today was track events. 400 meters for grade 1-5. The kids competed for points to their "houses". Ruben and Ossian belongs to Tigers. Its just like Gryffindor, Hufflepuff etc. The kids love it. They really tryed to do their very best.

Ossian fell at the start and ended up last but after 250 meters he was in the lead. A remarkable achievement. Finaly his energy ran out and he came in second.
Ruben had also a bad start. He was caught up in some kind of "running jam" and did not come up to speed. After 200 meters he had caught up with most of the guys but that was not enought. He ended up in 5th place.

The boys did really good and I am so proud of them. When they got home Ruben told me that he wants to start training running with me.
It is so fascinating to walk the alleys of Hanoi. They are numerous, crowded and trafficked. Sometimes it is so narrow that sunlight can not penetrate. Above street level the houses are stretched out and they almost touches the house across the alley. The top floors are in some places just 30 cm away from each other.

The traffic consists of bicycles and motorcycles and the drivers honk all the time to alert pedestrians and other drivers around the corner. I can imagine that during rush hour there are accidents. Its a lot of scratches and damage on the walls at the corners. I am convinced that it is from the motorcycles crashing into the wall.

During my first weeks I got lost all the time. If you give it some time and learn to find your way you will discover amazing things. All of a sudden the narrow alleys opens up and there is a crowded market place with vegetables, meat and fish in every shape you can imagine. And its fresh to. Fish and shrimps splash around in pods and hens cluck in their cages unaware that they are about to be slaughtered.

For those who do not like big open spaces, it is ideal to live here ( This is not to recommend for Ulf Lundell). Most things can be arranged and purchased here. You do not need to leave the alleys. So far, I have seen hairdressers, restaurants, cafes, shops, tailors, massage therapists, dentists, watchmakers, blacksmith, garages and repairshops of all kinds. You name it, its probably there just around the corner.

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On Whale Island we experienced a brief storm. It's always exciting to be close to the elements. We and the Niklasson family howled with delight when the lights in the bar were hanging horizontally instead of vertically. The locals did not seem to care. 30 minutes before the storm the sky was incredibly beautiful. The picture down below is not even cloing reality justice.
The view from our bungalow
The kids had autumn holiday last week. Finaly we could do our first trip together outside Ha Noi. We went to Whale Island just north of Nha Trang. Its a lovely Island with just one resort. Perfect for honeymooners and couples. And for familys to. No roads and a shallow beach. You dont have to worry so much as a parent.

As it turned out we got company by another Swedish family. The Niklsasson family (Malin, Pelle, Linnea och Vilma). They where our neighbors at the Swedish camp where we used to live.

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No storm in sight
There is a storm on it´s way. There has been warnings for storms in one week. At the end of last week everybody was expecting it to strike against Hanoi with force. Our maid went home earlier in order not to get caught up in it on her way home. Then nothing happened. I must admit I got a feeling of disappointment. All this fuss for a small gust of wind and a gentle drizzle. I had expected to meet the weather forces at close range. I was mentally prepared for the worst.

Now it seems to be a new one on its way. Nalgae is its name and it is expected to arrive to Vietnam's coast on Wednesday. Let's hope it calms down and nobody gets hurt. But as it has been earlier days, the storm will probably not be noticeable. In other words, all of you back home don´t have to be worried about us.

I´m starting to acclimate. Yesterday when we were swimming in the pool it was cold. We were surprised when we looked at the thermometer. It was 28 degrees in the water. Had it been at home in Sweden it had been considered to be very warm and we had not complain like we did yesterday. I'm disappointed in myself. Where did my Swedish Viking genes go?