Today was track events. 400 meters for grade 1-5. The kids competed for points to their "houses". Ruben and Ossian belongs to Tigers. Its just like Gryffindor, Hufflepuff etc. The kids love it. They really tryed to do their very best.

Ossian fell at the start and ended up last but after 250 meters he was in the lead. A remarkable achievement. Finaly his energy ran out and he came in second.
Ruben had also a bad start. He was caught up in some kind of "running jam" and did not come up to speed. After 200 meters he had caught up with most of the guys but that was not enought. He ended up in 5th place.

The boys did really good and I am so proud of them. When they got home Ruben told me that he wants to start training running with me.
28/10/2011 01:28:07 am

Go Ruben, go Ossian! Well done! Yay!

9/8/2012 02:04:04 am

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