Today when I got home Bonzan was not at home. Nadja our neighbor came by and told me they borrowed her and she was playing at the tennis court with Filippa´s dog Bong. A 3,5 months puppy. I joined them and it was really great to see them play.

After the tennis court we went to our porch and had a cup of coffee. They dogs where very tired but after a while they started playing again. Bonzan was hard to capture with the camera. She is so quick when she´s running around playing. Bong on the other hand was a better target to shoot with the camera. See pictures on the link "read more" down below.

Im trying to get Bonzan to walk with me in an orderly manner. She behaves very well when we go for walks in known areas. Today I went to Thu Le park. We encountered a lot of distractions like people, carousels and other animals. Its a zoo. She did wery well most of the time, but she had a hard time to relax when we sat down close to the monkeys. After a while she did not care about the monkeys. Instead she got a lot of attention from vietnamese people. It seems that they where more interested in Bonzan then the monkeys they paid to see. It was a little uncomfortable for a while and I was a bit angry at some people. They had a hard time understanding me when I did not want them to look her in the eye and throw her sunflower seeds. Some just stood 2,5 meter away from her and stared her in the eyes for a few minutes. You definitely not behave like that with dogs. Bonzan was very stressed by it. But one must remember that Bonzan still is a puppy and that she will become calmer in the future. This was good training for her. But still, the monkeys where very exciting.
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If you are a dog owner and move abroad you have to take responsibility and bring your little darling. I thought so, anyway. However, it has its drawbacks. To find out how to get a dog to Vietnam was not the easiest thing. Embassy of Vietnam in Stockholm did not know anything about the rules for entering their country with a swedish dog. They told us to contact the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi. We had already done that and they had referred to the Vietnamese Embassy in Stockholm. Back to square one. Eventually we found an animal hospital in Hanoi (Asvelis Veterinary Hospital - http://vietnampetservices.com) who knew the rules that apply. They were very helpful. They even have pickup service from the airport and veterinary checkup at arrival.