PictureMalcolm drinking cold refreshing drink between the games.
Both Ruben and Ossian are born in the summer and there are always friends that not can attend their partys because they are away on holiday or whatever. Because of this they wanted to celebrate before school ended. And they wanted to go to X-factory for lazer tag game.

Carol and I took 13 kids there and had a good time. Well, not all of us. I was pretty upset. We had ordered a bus to take us there and back. It never arrived so we had to go by taxi. And the cake I had ordered did not show up either. Well what did  you expect people tell me, this is Viet Nam.

I´m glad that at least the boys had a blast. But it was kind of hard to try to explain why the cake didn´t come.

Because of the lack of light where you play I did not take any pictures myself during the games but the staff was inside and took some pictures. Click on the link "read more" down below to see some more pics.

For the first time we took the boys to the opera. It was the italien national day on the 2 of June, and they celebrated with an italian opera evening. Italian and vietnamese singers sang some of the most famous aria´s from Italy.

Unfortunately most of them was about tragedies and lost love. Some cheerfull songs would have helped the boys to enjoy it. If you are 7 and 9 it´s hard to like a 10 minutes long very saaaad and painful aria.

When you take the kids to opera you can not be sure to stay the whole evening. We had to leave when it was still half an hour left. The boys where so tired. Ossian had been up since 5:30. Jonah, Ossi´s friend, had a sleep over at our place and he is an early kid.

This easter the hole family went home to Sweden on holiday. 2 weeks with friends and family. It was so nice to see them all. The big event during our visit was Kayes birthdayparty. We went to the mountains up north to ski. It was us and Kaye and her partner David. At her birthday Lasse joined us all day. In the evening it was champagne, wine and good food. I hope Kaye enjoyd her birthday. (And her expensive presents;). I had a good time anyway. 

Eeaster was spent at my aunts place as usual. And as always we had a good time seing them. The most exiting thing was to meet my sister. She is pregnant and I had not seen her since we left Sweden. Now she was round and big. I´m so happy for her and her partner Henrik. I cant wait untill I meet the new family member.

Our schedule was also busy when it comes to visit friends. We had such a good time seing them and it was hard to go back to Ha Noi. I hope you all enjoyd our visits as much as we did. Thank you everybody for having us.

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We were invited on the first day of the year of the dragon to one of the local employees. Only me (Jocke) and Ruben could go. Carol stayed home with Ossian which had a fever.

They live nearby so we could take a walk to their house. It was really quiet in the streets. Almost no cars or motobikes at all, which is a rare sight here. The people we saw was very smart dressed, probably on their way hom to family and friends to celebrate. It was a very nice visit and we talked a lot with his son and wife. They did their Master degrees in Sweden so we had some in common.

The reason for inviting us on the first day on the new year is partly that it brings luck to have westerners as the first guests to celebrate the new year. According to our host we are so well behaved and friendly and that brings luck to his family. I hope it will work with the "luck" thing. Anyway, we had a lovely day with good food and drinks.