PictureOssians choice of art to draw.
Ossian went on a field trip the other day. I signed up to follow them and keep track of a group of 4 kids.

It´s a nice museum and I think the kids liked it too. They where supposed to draw a drawing of one of the paintings/sculptures at the museum. At first all the kids on the groups went for the same piece but after a while they change their minds and started to choose a painting or a sculpture more of their liking.

More pics at the link "read more" down below.

PictureMalcolm drinking cold refreshing drink between the games.
Both Ruben and Ossian are born in the summer and there are always friends that not can attend their partys because they are away on holiday or whatever. Because of this they wanted to celebrate before school ended. And they wanted to go to X-factory for lazer tag game.

Carol and I took 13 kids there and had a good time. Well, not all of us. I was pretty upset. We had ordered a bus to take us there and back. It never arrived so we had to go by taxi. And the cake I had ordered did not show up either. Well what did  you expect people tell me, this is Viet Nam.

I´m glad that at least the boys had a blast. But it was kind of hard to try to explain why the cake didn´t come.

Because of the lack of light where you play I did not take any pictures myself during the games but the staff was inside and took some pictures. Click on the link "read more" down below to see some more pics.

Since we got here I have wanted to buy a "motobike". It´s by far the best way to get around in Ha Noi and the countryside. Why have´nt I got I motobike then, you might wonder. Well, because of Carol´s job we must follow the vietnamese legislations. And the legislations says that foreigners must have a vietnamese driving license. Maybe it was a bit exaggerated. You should follow the rules of society no matter where you are. But what seems to be in Vietnam is that everyone is driving without a license, even some Vietnamese people. As an employee at a embassy and accompanying spouce it is a bit different. We represent Sweden and it´s not good if we not comply with the country's legislations. (And I also think it is a good idea to comply with the legislations when it comes to insurence. If something happens and you have ignored the legistlations your insurence is not valid).

Again, you might wonder, why I do not have got a driving licence yet. I sort of lost my good mood and it is because of changed rules at the embassy. In the middle of the procedure they stopped to help us getting the license. Therefore I got stuck with a list of things to do in order to get the license. I have finally got my, as we say in Sweden "arse out of the wheelbarrow" and tomorrow I will get the official translations of our passports.

The final step to get the license is a testdrive. I have heard a lot of this testdrive. It should not be a problem for me. The test is to go slalom between cones and at the end you have to drive over a bump. I think I will pass with flying colour. But nevertheless, keep  your fingers crossed for me, will you!
My new motobike!
We, as a family, have decided that on Sundays we will visit parks in Ha Noi area. It seems like a nice way to explore the city with the kids. This Sunday we went to Thống Nhất Park, commonly known as "Lenin Park". If you google Lenin Park you will get info about another park just opposit the Military History Museum. I dont know why everybody call Thống Nhất Park for Lenin Park. Maybe the statue of Lenin was in Thống Nhất Park earlier and then moved to the current Lenin Park.

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During the last couple of weeks I have attended a photography course in Sweden. It´s an internet course. All lessons is performed with video´s and written material. It´s a great way to learn in your own pace. For some reason I did a 4 weeks course in 3. Do I have to much spare time?

I had a lot of fun when I learned how the camera works and how to make the best composition. I have allready signed up for the next course. Ha Noi is the best place to get inspired.
Westlake in the evening. My assignment was to take a picture of a sunset. This time of year Ha Noi seems to be out of sunsets. I tried to capture the mist/smog instead.