Just outside Hanoi there is an entire village with potterys. We went there with Caroline this morning and strolled the market. The kids was not emused and they ended up painting a porclein figure each. It took them almost one hour. The adults took turns watching the pots and vases. Its worth a trip if you want to buy cheap pottery.
Me and the boys went to Bangkok to join Carol at Ulrika, Gunnar and Veras place. Carol´s been working there for a couple of days and she´s been staying at their place. Bangkok, what a contrast to Ha Noi. Here you can get anything. You do not have to look for two days for shoestrings or socks size 42. And you can actually walk on the sidewalk without bumping into parked motobikes all the time. For me, the whole city seems to be built for shopping. You are totaly bombarded by advertising wherever you look. Is that what we really need in the world, more consumtion? 

Anyway, the kids enjoyd Bangkok. The best part was probably to see mom, but according to them it was playing with Vera and swim in the pool. They also enjoyd Siam Ocean world and Moon bar (outdoor bar on 62 floor).

The Moon bar was awesome. Next time I go to Bangkok I want to go back and have a drink.

It´s so nice to spend time with Ulrika, Gunnar and Vera. They are such a nice family and I wish we could see more of them.

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