PictureOssians choice of art to draw.
Ossian went on a field trip the other day. I signed up to follow them and keep track of a group of 4 kids.

It´s a nice museum and I think the kids liked it too. They where supposed to draw a drawing of one of the paintings/sculptures at the museum. At first all the kids on the groups went for the same piece but after a while they change their minds and started to choose a painting or a sculpture more of their liking.

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PictureMalcolm drinking cold refreshing drink between the games.
Both Ruben and Ossian are born in the summer and there are always friends that not can attend their partys because they are away on holiday or whatever. Because of this they wanted to celebrate before school ended. And they wanted to go to X-factory for lazer tag game.

Carol and I took 13 kids there and had a good time. Well, not all of us. I was pretty upset. We had ordered a bus to take us there and back. It never arrived so we had to go by taxi. And the cake I had ordered did not show up either. Well what did  you expect people tell me, this is Viet Nam.

I´m glad that at least the boys had a blast. But it was kind of hard to try to explain why the cake didn´t come.

Because of the lack of light where you play I did not take any pictures myself during the games but the staff was inside and took some pictures. Click on the link "read more" down below to see some more pics.

Last week there was a Swim Meet at UNIS. All grade 2-3 competed for points to their home´s. Ossian´s home is Tigers. He did good and won one of  his races and so did also two of his Swedish friends in Tiger house. Way to go!

It was special this day because Kaye was there. I think she enjoyed this as much as I did. Hope so anyway. We had to take Ossi from the meet earlier to pick up Ruben and go to the airport. Singapore was next stop for us.

I wonder how the competitions went
Ossian on his way to win his race. He is really good at backstroke.
Today Ossian our youngest son went to the hairdresser and cut his hair off. First time ever at a hairdresser. Earlier I have cut his hair with the machine but for a couple of years ha has´nt cut his hair at all. Carol has, after nagging a lot, cut the tips of his hair a couple of times. You can imagine how big this was for Ossian. See the before and after down below.

That a haircut can make such a difference is amazing. He looks both taller and older.

Yesterday at a Birthday party for Celeste. Pirate party.
From left, Ruben, Axel, Hjalmar, Erik och Ossian.
Our boys are soooo thrilled. A couple of weeks ago a new family moved in next door. Three boys, and they are all 12 years old (yes, triplets). You can imagine how Ossian and Ruben was the first days. First thing in the morning they said "I´m going next door". They spend as much time as possible there. They are Ossians and Rubens heroes. I can understand them totaly. They are really nice kids.

Welcome Selin Family!

For the first time we took the boys to the opera. It was the italien national day on the 2 of June, and they celebrated with an italian opera evening. Italian and vietnamese singers sang some of the most famous aria´s from Italy.

Unfortunately most of them was about tragedies and lost love. Some cheerfull songs would have helped the boys to enjoy it. If you are 7 and 9 it´s hard to like a 10 minutes long very saaaad and painful aria.

When you take the kids to opera you can not be sure to stay the whole evening. We had to leave when it was still half an hour left. The boys where so tired. Ossian had been up since 5:30. Jonah, Ossi´s friend, had a sleep over at our place and he is an early kid.

This is a short version of the previous post about the Bangkok trip. When Weebly updated something my post disappeared.

Anyway, it was a really nice trip. We stayed at Ulrika, Gunnar and Veras place and they took good care of us. We whent so see a loooong laying down buddha, Siam Ocean world and Moon Bar at the 62 floor. Awesome!

I hope we can go back to Ulrika, Gunnar and Vera. Maybe next time we head out to the ocean. Get some pool time with colorfull drinks and nice seafood.

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We have had a visitor from Sweden. Cina Östman was here for 9 days and we had a lovely time together. I was her tour guide in Ha Noi and we got to see a lot of things. The whole family and Cina also took a extended weekend trip to Hoi An. It was a very pleasent surprise. Hoi An is, so far, the best place I´ve visited in Viet Nam. I will definitely go back. I want to explore the ancient city more. It was not easy to do when the kids was nagging about going back to the pool all the time.

Our stay was very relaxed and it was a lot of pool time for the kids. They really love to swim, dive and jump into the water. Unfortunately, for me the relaxing part was manifested in two extra kilograms around my waist.

We did also go to My Son. The boys was thrilled to see the ruins of the temples. It´s like an Indiana Jones movie.

I will defenitely go back to Hoi An.

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For a couple of days we have had a little boy who have done his homework without us nagging to get him to do it. He has done it so well that we asked him to stop. Actually, we have been nagging at him to stop, or at least go up to his room and shut the door when doing the homework.

Is this a bad thing, you may wonder? If you ask me, yes. When it comes to practicing the recorder it can just be to much to cope with. When you have had a recorder approximately 2 meters from your ears for 1 hour playing "When the saints" (not allways correct) it can eventually become too much. Please do not tell Ruben I wrote this...

By the way, is´nt he cute. I have probably been anoying Ruben (revenge) as much as he annoyed me with his recorder. I´m practicing to take photos with my new toy. A speedlight flash and a homemade beauty dish. So much fun. What do you think of the result to the left?

This Saturday Ruben and his new friends at Saturday basketball at UNIS played a game against a team from another school (nobody told me which school). The kids performed so good and they won by 9 to 2 points. I think Rubens contribution was 4 points. Given this was his first basketball game ever he did really good. I´m so proud of him.

I took a whole bunch of pictures and on the link "Read more" you can find them.