Jonathans VIP card.
Today me, Jonathan, David and Johan went to Fox Club. If you have a vivid imagination you are probably thinking that this is not a good place for married man to be (see Jonathans VIP card). But it is. If you like to play pool, that is.

As usual we stand no chance against David. He´s just to good. If the other guys shape up a little they give David a challange, but I´m not even close. I suck at pool. But I have a great time with the boys so I do´nt mind at all. We ended our little outing with the best Bun Cha ever.

I took some pictures while we played. Click the link "read more" down below to see them.

David concentrating.
Jonathan also concentrate but in an completely different style...
Johan having nice vietnamese coffee after Bun Cha. He looks kind of satisfied. We talked about photography and he told me he does´nt like when the photos are all blurry behind the object. Well, I hope he likes this one anyway.
2/3/2013 11:36:33 pm

Hmm you are a good photographer but has a ability to catch people in funny situations... :)


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