Monika eating Nem.
We had two lovely guests visiting us for over 2 weeks. Monica (friends daughter) has been working in New Zealand and stopped by on the way home to Sweden. Her Friend Sabina met up with her and they did Ha Noi and surrounding together.

They mostly made it by themselves but I managed to join them on different occasions, like Temple of literature.

It was very nice to have company and they where the nicest guests ever. They liked everything we put on the table and we are not used to that in this house, Ossi (and Carol) being the way he is with food. We did´nt even need to clear the table, Monica and Sabina just took control over the dirty dishes (good for them we have a dishwasher).

They continued their tour and left by train to Beijing and after that they went to Singapore.

I took some pictures when we did outings in Ha Noi. Click on the link "read more" to view.

And as always, guests buy stuff. In this shop it was cheap sunglasses.
Monika and Sabina at the pagoda in Hoan Kiem.
28/2/2013 03:59:41 am

Fantastiska bilder igen! Kul att se uppdateringar. :D


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