No storm in sight
There is a storm on it´s way. There has been warnings for storms in one week. At the end of last week everybody was expecting it to strike against Hanoi with force. Our maid went home earlier in order not to get caught up in it on her way home. Then nothing happened. I must admit I got a feeling of disappointment. All this fuss for a small gust of wind and a gentle drizzle. I had expected to meet the weather forces at close range. I was mentally prepared for the worst.

Now it seems to be a new one on its way. Nalgae is its name and it is expected to arrive to Vietnam's coast on Wednesday. Let's hope it calms down and nobody gets hurt. But as it has been earlier days, the storm will probably not be noticeable. In other words, all of you back home don´t have to be worried about us.

I´m starting to acclimate. Yesterday when we were swimming in the pool it was cold. We were surprised when we looked at the thermometer. It was 28 degrees in the water. Had it been at home in Sweden it had been considered to be very warm and we had not complain like we did yesterday. I'm disappointed in myself. Where did my Swedish Viking genes go?

28/7/2012 08:09:38 am

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