Thuesday the 23th it was UN day. At UNIS it´s a big day. This year especially because it was UNIS 25th anniversary. It was speeches, dancing and singing students and a flag parade (as usual).

The day ended with at lunch together with all the kids in their classroom (two kids - two lunches :) At UNIS there are 64 nationalities (and they speak 44 languages). It was food from all over the world.

It´s a great honor and a great benefit for the boys to go to UNIS.

See more pics from the UN day. Just click at the link "read more" down below.

The kids are supposed to dress in their countrys national dress. We do not have the swedish national costume but we got Ruben to at least wear a tie in Swedish colours.
Ossian did not accept anything else then to wear the swedish national soccer teams dress.
This is Adrien a friend of Ossian. Guess where he´s from.
28/10/2012 05:56:16 pm

Fantastiska bilder som vanligt! Och ni får vara med om så många fantastiska saker! =)


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