We were invited on the first day of the year of the dragon to one of the local employees. Only me (Jocke) and Ruben could go. Carol stayed home with Ossian which had a fever.

They live nearby so we could take a walk to their house. It was really quiet in the streets. Almost no cars or motobikes at all, which is a rare sight here. The people we saw was very smart dressed, probably on their way hom to family and friends to celebrate. It was a very nice visit and we talked a lot with his son and wife. They did their Master degrees in Sweden so we had some in common.

The reason for inviting us on the first day on the new year is partly that it brings luck to have westerners as the first guests to celebrate the new year. According to our host we are so well behaved and friendly and that brings luck to his family. I hope it will work with the "luck" thing. Anyway, we had a lovely day with good food and drinks.
9/8/2012 02:10:29 am

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