After a cold and rainy summer in Sweden it´s good to be back in Ha Noi. It´s raining here to, but it´s still not the same as back home in Sweden. The rain here freshen up the so otherwise stuffy air.

The boys are back to school. They both said, after coming home from school the first day, "I´m in the best class at UNIS". As a parent you really like to hear stuff like that. It makes everything much easier if the boys likes to go to school.

As usual I have been out walking with my camera. Please take a tour if you want, just click on the link "read more".

I´ll be back with more news from Ha Noi soon and maybe some pics from Norway.

Bicycle vendor in the alleys of Ha Noi
Little Vilma at the pool. Swedish camp.
17/9/2012 12:38:07 am

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